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Ashiatsu Massages

Ashiatsu is known as the barefoot massage, getting it's name from the root words Ashi, which means "foot", and Atsu, which means "pressure" in Japanese.  By using overhead bars for support, the therapist uses their feet and body weight to give you a relaxing and deeper pressured massage.  The barefoot massage technique uses deep compression effleurage strokes that glide over the body to stimulate relaxation.  It also combines a push pull pumping effect that is done with the feet to provide a deep pressure that has long lasting effects on the body.  Ashiatsu is said to be the deepest most luxurious massage out there. If you want a therapeutic session that is also very relaxing, then Ashiatsu is a great choice.

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Ashiatsu Massage

1 hr - $115

1.5 hr - $150

2 hr - $210

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