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Swedish_Deep Tissue

MVA or Health Insurance Treatments

I'm currently not accepting new insurance clients at this time. 

For open Auto Insurance Claims or In-Network Health Insurance Plans covering massage therapy.  Each session is 60 Minutes.  Please provide Courtney Truax, LMT with you Health Insurance or MVA Claim Information several days prior to your scheduled appointment to have benefits verified.  (PDF forms below).


Your insurance company will be billed per unit. (Client is responsible for any unpaid or denied claims.)

Insurance Billing Policy: Our office may bill insurance companies for services received as courtesy to our clients. Services billed on a client's behalf are provided as credit, with no guarantee that a client's insurance will cover any or all services provided. Therefore, the financial responsibility for services provided does not belong to the insurance company but to the person receiving the services - the client (or guardian). Should a client's claim be denied by the insurance carrier, for any reason, an invoice showing the amount due shall be sent to sent to the client. Any unpaid balance(s) will be the client's personal responsibility (regardless of coverage promises).

MVA or Health Insurance Treatments

1 hr - Billed per unit

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