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Enjoy the benefits of frequent massages.

Join the Wellness Program!

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Choose between either the Balance or the Enhance options when you join the Wellness Program.  Enjoy a monthly massage at a lower rate, plus receive $10 off all other regular priced massages throughout the month, as well as $10 off on eGift Cards!

Your card on file will be charged for your designated program option on the 25th of each month for the next months enrollment.  You may change options or cancel anytime with a 14-day advanced written notice to avoid your card from being charged the following month enrollment.

Wellness Program Options:


Gets You:
1-60 Minute Massage
$10 Off All Regular Priced Massages
$10 Off eGift Cards

Swedish_Deep Tissue


Gets You:
1-90 Minute Massage
$10 Off All Regular Priced Massages
$10 Off eGift Cards

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Why Join The Wellness Program?

The Wellness Program is designed to save you some money while you reap the benefits of receiving regular massages each month.  Bringing balance into your life is the optimal goal.

* No Annual Fees, No Upfront Cost, No Contract To Sign
* Cancel Or Change Program Option Anytime. (14 day advanced written notice is require to make sure your card is not charge the following month
* Save $10 on additional regular priced massages each month
* Save $10 on eGift Cards
* Non-transferable

You will be emailed an invoice for payment due on the 25th of the month.  Once you have paid, you will receive a welcome email and will be ready to start your Wellness Program at the beginning of the upcoming month!


Q:  Is there a membership fee to join?
A:  No, there is no membership fee.  To start the program, Courtney Truax, LMT just needs to charge your credit card and have it listed on file to be charged each month, for as long as you enroll.

Q:  What is the duration of the Wellness Program?
A:  The Wellness Program is on a month to month basis.  Your program option is renewed automatically each month with the card you have on file.  

Q:  When will my credit card be charged every month?
 Your card on file will be charged on the 25th of each month, prior to the beginning of the designated month.  A payment invoice of the transaction will be emailed to you each month.

Q:  Can I cancel my program anytime?
  Yes, there is no long term commitment to be a part of the Wellness Program.  Cancel anytime with a 14 day advanced written notice to prevent your card from being charged the following month.

Q: Can I change which program option I am enrolled in?
Yes, with a 14 day advanced written notice, you may request to change your program option for the following subsequent months.  

Q:  Can I share my program benefits with a family member or friend?
 No, each person needs to enroll in the Wellness Program to receive the benefits.  

Q: What if I end up not being able to come in one month? 
You have 60 days to use your one massage.  If you are unable to come in one month, it will roll over to the following month only to be used.  (The following month you would then have 2 massages to redeem, but no more than 2 per month).
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