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Magic Happens When You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Our comfort zones.  We all have them. It is where life feels familiar, feels safe and dependable. Security in the familiar is a little like a child’s blanket. We tend to cling to it, but by doing so, we get stuck.  Sometimes we need to shake things up and step outside our comfort zone. When we do, we can grow. We challenge ourselves, see things from a different perspective, we find new meanings, new creativity. We become inspired and can develop a new sense of clarity that we did not have while remaining in our comfort zone.


Growing up I had always played it “safe”, did what was practical, and was a rule follower.  I never wanted to take risks or be in the spotlight. I craved security.  In my twenties I dated a guy who taught me that I needed to go out on the limb and take chances from time to time.  If not, then how would I know what truly makes me happy? Life is about risks and adventures and stepping outside our comfort zones. Why? Because that is where the magic happens.  I took his advice and that was how I made the decision to enroll back in school and change my career to become a Massage Therapist. Best decision I ever made; I absolutely love my career.  It is my passion.

More recently I found myself feeling stuck again. I love what I do for a living, but my personal life wasn’t what I wanted. I felt like I was just going through the motions of living and not fully immersing myself in life. I love to travel and hadn’t done any big trips in many years.  First it was financial, then Covid hit, then I was single again and didn’t have anyone to travel with. I started to look at my bucket wish lists of places I wanted to go and started thinking about doing a solo trip somewhere.  It was then when an opportunity to do an epic trip to Patagonia presented itself to me. Argentina has been high on my bucket list for many years, and Patagonia was an added desired excursion to that trip to do some day.  When I found out about an organized group trip to explore Patagonia for a week, I decide to do it! I joined the group trip, bought the plane tickets, and booked a hotel for the overnight layover and went on an epic solo trip! I have never been so outside my comfort zone! I have never been to South America, never traveled out of the country by myself, and never done a solo trip exploring. I am also an introvert, so joining a random group of strangers to go on hikes and experience the culture with was completely outside my comfort zone even more. What happens when we step outside our comfort zones? Magic. I had moments of being scared, almost cried, felt empowered, and had a whole lot of moments of self-discovery.  It was the shaking things up that I needed and am still processing.

Magic happens when we step outside our comfort zones. It opens our eyes, hearts, and souls. Maybe it gives you new meaning, better clarity, inspires more creativity, or simply allows you to appreciate all that you do have in your life at this very moment. It’s good to step away from your norm every so often. Shake things up, take risks. Challenge yourself. Find your true potential, what makes you happy. We only get one life, live it.

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